Curbstone Ramps for companies and private estates

Curbstone edges can damage the chassis, spoilers and tires. Depending on the height of a curb it makes it more difficult for cars and forklift trucks to maneuver. With our Curbstone ramps, you can easily solve this problem. A rubber ramp serves as a curb, so you can drive up to a higher level with each vehicle without having to worry about damage. The practical retraction aids are available in different shapes, lengths and heights.
Vehicle ramps can easily be installed at the appropriate points, so that the curb ramp is really where it is most needed.



Robust ramps for your driveway

Our car ramps are all made of robust elastomers. This material guarantees high weather resistance and is characterized by its long lifetime. The ramps for the car are also non-slip when it gets wet and they have a high weight which makes them impossible to move by e.g. wind. In addition, you will receive position pins with the overrunning ramps, which fix them firmly in place. As the curbs are easy to clean, they are also extremely hygienic.
The quality of the ramp is also evident in the high load carrying capacity of very heavy vehicles. The UV and weather-resistant drive-on wedges for trucks, excavators and similar commercial vehicles have drainage grooves that are water-permeable and fast drying. Test our environmentally friendly plastic wedges for your car and make your entrance barrier-free!

The advantages of our Curbstone ramps:

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely resistant
  • Versatile application

Constant retraction aid for the Curb

Overruns not only have the purpose of serving as ramps but also to help you to mark your driveway. A rubber ramp with road capability infront of your driveway signals to every driver that this is not a parking zone.

The curb ramp also signals that the corresponding area should not be blocked. Not to mention, that the wedges can be easily removed at any time if you want to clean your driveway.

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