Shipping Costs


Shipping Shipping by Weight up Price large (VAT included) Net price
1 letter post Office 0.2 kg 1,45 € € 1.22
1 package DPD 3.5 kg 4.50 € 3,78 €
1 package DPD 31.5 kg 6,99 € 5,87 €
2 packages DPD 63 kg 13.98 € 11.75 €
3 packages DPD 91.50 kg 20.99 € 17.64 €
4 packages DPD 126 kg 27.96 € 23.50 €
5 packages DPD 157.50 kg 34,95 € 29.37 €
6 packages DPD 189 kg 41.94 € 35,24€
7 packages DPD 220.5 kg 48,93 € 41.12 €
8 packages DPD 252 kg 55.92 € 46.99 €
9 packages DPD 283.50 kg 62.91 €  52.87 €
10 packages DPD 315 kg 69,90 € 58.74 €
1x pallet carrier 1000 kg 95 € 79.83 €

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The delivery is generally only against advance payment.  ATP-Keiner GmbH IBAN: DE98515500350002093276 BIC: HELADEF1WET Sparkasse Wetzlar
The order number or customer number (see order confirmation or invoice).

Payment options:

-Prepayment -Paypal (


ATP-Keiner GmbH to the delivery address indicated by the purchaser.


If the shipping box is not perfect on the outside, please let the freight forwarder confirm this! In the case of a transport damage, it is very difficult to obtain insurance. Take the time to check the packaging carefully, and do not let the forwarder urge you to hurry.


If “Delivery undeliverable” or “Subsequent delivery rejected”: The customer ensures that he has provided correct and complete address data in the delivery address field and is available for normal delivery times for the delivery service or, after an unsuccessful attempt to deliver, has agreed an appointment agreement for acceptance. In the case of non-delivery of the delivery, the total shipping costs shall be borne by the purchaser. In the case of refusal of acceptance, in the case of deliveries by ‘cash on delivery’, the shipping costs + cash on delivery fees are also charged to the customer. Only after receipt of payment is the goods insured with a parcel service sent. This assumes two delivery attempts. If you are not available during the day, please provide a different accessible address. Please let us know your phone number, or store it in your customer account so that we can react in case of uncertainty or a problem. The shipping costs are borne by the customer. The choice of the respective parcel services or forwarding company is reserved for the company “ATP-Keiner”.The buyer / customer has no co-right in the selection of the shipping partner!The indicated shipping costs of the shop, apply always ONLY for the domestic (D)! You can ask at any time for the international orders shipping costs. Please provide details about country, district.


Goods pick-up is not possible for logistical reasons, as it is ordered via a diaconal facility. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column_inner] [/ vc_row_inner] [/ vc_column] [/ mk_page_section]

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